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This Blog is motivated by what I perceive to be a need to simplify and get to the bottom line for the overwhelming amount of information regarding starting an Online Home Business. If you’ve found this site thru your Internet searching, there’s a good chance you know what I mean.

This is the era of Information Overload.   The amount of information available for starting an online home based Internet business is ENORMOUS.   It’s downright confusing and near impossible to make a decision for fear of missing something, wasting precious money resources, or taking the wrong direction early on.

There’s also the element of start-up costs.   Many of us don’t have that much, if any money upfront.  If you do, you’re a little bit ahead, but you will need to spend it wisely because early on you will be spending it faster than you make it.   Always a scarey proposition !   It seems everyone wants you to buy their version of starting an online home business.

Anyway, from my own personal experience over the past three years, I’m going to attempt to get you over the initial threshold, which is really the biggest step. I’m almost embarrassed to admit I’ve invested in more tutorials and “hot programs of the moment” than I can think of.   Varying degrees of quality in all of them; some better than others; but NO ONE SOURCE had the step by step, hold my hand approach to make that first step.   There was invariably always some import aspect either omitted or understated, and that usually is a show stopper and source of discouragement for those just starting out.

From my trial by fire and school of hard knocks experiences, I’m going to boil down everything to the bottom line.   I will try to point you to fundamental steps you can take, starting right after you read this, to starting an Online Home Business, and getting it up and running.

You’ve got to think in small increments and goals.   Then as you meet those goals and money starts trickling in, then you can reinvest and go for more information and advanced techniques.

We’re going to keep things on track and simple as possible.   For starters, read the “Building Block” posts.

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