Marketing Conceptualized and Simplified

Hi people,Today, I have been categorizing my thoughts.

I was trying to isolate the CORE PRINCIPLES of the marketing I have been using so to be able to pass only the meat to you. As I told you earlier on, my purpose had been to offer you my “method”; while I am not sure if I will complete that work, I want to try it anyway, since it can mean A LOT to you … it will allow you to see the Marketing World through different eyes.
Anyway … no promises here 🙂 so let’s focus on some core elements I used throughout my journey online…
Today, I want to tell you about something that CAN make you VIEW the marketing world in a different perspective …

I’d like to tell you how a newspaper works.

I shall use arbitrary terms since you should focus on some specific things that only relate to Internet Marketing.

Here we are…

Let’s isolate the categories of workers in a newspaper:

1-The Journalists & proof editors
2-The Copy editors
3-The Chief Copy Editor
4-The Director
5-The Publisher

My hypothesis here is this:

“Any online publication needs the structure of the newspaper in order for it to be offered to the public and for it to remain available while also making profits.”

That’s my hypothesis.

Let’s apply this to the online world and your dreams.

You have been taught to think about yourself as ALL the above.

You are the Publisher, the Director, the Chief Editor, the Copy Editor, the Journalist and proof editor.

While that approach is logical when you start online, you will never access a higher level if you do not focus on working ONLY as a Publisher and/or a Director instead of BEING & operating as all the above roles.

The concept smells like outsourcing, and it is actually, but I’d like to explain the reasons for that.

When I started online, I also had the false impression that Gurus write their ebooks by themselves…

I remember this:

About 4-5 years ago, I ordered an ebook on Search Engines Optimization. When I paid through Paypal, I saw that the seller had more than 2000 orders in his account… You can see that number next to the seller’s identity when ordering through Paypal.

At that time, I was thinking that THAT was amazing…

I mean… The man had to be a millionaire… Selling ANYTHING to 2000 people with follow-up sales and up-sales and back-end sales, etc… can bring you some 100s of 1000s of dollars. And when I read the ebook, I really admired that Guru.

Some months after that order, he came up with another ebook…

Another great one…

I remember myself thinking that I could never write an ebook THAT good, have a success like the success HE had, and then REPEAT the process in 3 months…

I felt overwhelmed…

I could never ACT like that Guru…

I could not write that fast, that good, that effectively.

Time passed…

And that marketer sold the private label rights of those ebooks.

I bought the rights of course.

THAT was the time I realized that the marketer had NOT actually written those ebooks…

He had a great writer that supported his dreams…

So in the case of that marketer, HE was the Publisher and the Director and someone else did the work of the Chief Editor, the copy editor and the journalist.

The FACT that the Marketer could produce work that fast was explained by the fact that he was PLAYING a HIGHER level role in the “Newspaper” hierarchy.

Is this understood so far?

Allow me to explain it further:

If that marketer was acting like a journalist then he would have to write the ebook, then proof edit it, then act as a copy and chief copy editor and THEN act as a Director and a Publisher.

As said, this is how newbies and starters embark on the realm of Internet Marketing, but the KEY here is that if you want to SAVE time and hit success QUICKLY, then you need to ACT differently and start as a PLAYER of a HIGHER role in that “Newspaper” hierarchy.

Think about it.

The fact is that Gurus ACT as Publishers.
They have their Directors.
The directors inspect the chief copy editors.
The chief copy editors inspect the copy editors.
The copy editors inspect the journalists…
And production rolls smoothly… The Newspaper makes money…If you apply that analogy to your case, you will also see that by acting as a PLAYER of a HIGHER role in that “Newspaper” hierarchy, say as a Director or a Publisher, you will have to deal with the chief copy editor only… AND NOT with the journalists or with the copy editors…
If you act like a Publisher then you only need to deal with the Director…. and not with the rest of the roles…
Do you know what all other roles do?
Journalists do the research and write.

Then they pass their work to proof editors so to deliver a good copy to copy editors.

Copy editors do not write.

They deal with TITLES only… with SPACES… and layouts.

Copy editors “draw” the layout of the page… They draw squares and just count the words… They say: “I want 1000 words for this page, 500 words and 1 big photo for this page, 250 words, 1 big photo and 2 smaller photos for that page….” etc…

Each copy editor manages some specific pages. For example, the copy editor for sports manages the pages for sports and works with the journalists who write about sports…

The Chief copy editor (CCE) gets the work of the copy editors and inspects everything. The work of the CCE of course is NOT to read everything… CCEs do not see content. CCEs see the STRUCTURE of everything and their role is to maintain the harmony in the newsletter and its style…

Then the Director manages CCEs and copy editors in order to preserve the quality of the work and the directives given by the Producer. He may add departments, and thus, the CCE will then follow up in return in order to co-ordinate copy editors and journalists.

What does the Publisher do then?

He wants to get a perfect product… aka. newspaper.

The Publisher will not proof edit the content… In fact, he does not care about the content. He TAKES AS GIVEN that the Director has done his/her job and thus has already preserved the quality of the content and also the style of the newspaper.

Again: I am simplifying things here and do not deal with the details so to give you the idea…

As you can also see below, if you manage to operate as a PLAYER of a HIGHER role in that “Newspaper” hierarchy, then you will focus on CONCEPTS related to the creation of new products and also on the promotion of your products… that’s where the money is

In all cases, as you can easily imagine, you will NEVER reach HUGE SUCCESS online if you keep acting as a low-level worker in that “Newsletter” hierarchy.

Here is why:

Assuming that you can write 10 pages of amazing content EVERY DAY, you can write 300 pages in 30 days… since you are not a robot, you may need to get at least 4 days off in 1 month, and that makes the number of pages you can write in 1 month: 260

Each page has approximately 30 lines and each line has approximately 8-10 words, let’s say 10.

So we have 300 words per page.

260 pages x 300 words = 78,000 words


Let’s face the truth now…

Even if you can operate as a robot and produce 260 pages every month you are not going to be paid MORE than 260 x $10 = $2,600 dollars per month… NEVER EVER.


Because you cannot be a super duper writer AND a copy editor AND a chief copy editor AND a director AND a publisher.

It’s impossible for a human…

You cannot write 10 pages of amazing content EACH day non stop and also be able to

– create websites
– setup websites
– create autoresponders and set them up
– set the mechanisms for your sales online
– promote your product online too
– have deals with other marketers…
– etc..

The same truth applies if you are a software creator…

If you can create 1 application every month, then you are not going to do anything else and are not ever going to reach a monthly income of say $10,000 per month…

Because you are human… that’s it.

This is the real value of outsourcing.

With outsourcing, you learn to act as a Publisher. And because that level requires from you only to generate ideas and generate/promote products, you can easily find the time to hire more directors, who in turn will use more chief copy editors, who in turn will use more journalists…

Back to that writer-journalist that can write 10 pages per day.

As you can recall, 10 pages x $10 makes $100.

That writer will never reach the goal of $10,000 per month.

Unless s/he becomes a copy editor and inspects 2 writers at least for doubling the profits, right? Or inspecting 3 writers and tripling the profits… etc…

I keep repeating all the aforementioned levels of that “Newspaper” hierarchy because I want to introduce you to a deeper thinking here…

I am sure you have seen many marketers talking about the Mass… and how to control the Mass… etc..

You may learn how to hypnotize the Mass, but if you cannot serve that Mass, it’s like inviting your disaster… If you cannot deal with 1000s of people, then you cannot expect to survive in this business…


…unless you decide to act through a higher role in that “Newspaper” hierarchy.

In the case of serving the Mass, I can tell you a story, half truth, half fiction, but you can get the point:

Once a company created a killer product – say a couch with a great design. The end of the story was that the company dropped that product off the market almost instantly after their first killer TV commercial…

The analogy here is quite obvious:

You may create a killer product that will attract the attention of the Mass. And at the very end, you will be forced to kill that product and forget everything….

So… Why did that company drop the product – and their dreams too?

Why should you forget everything too??

Because that company had 1 telephone line to serve people…

Almost 3 million people saw the TV commercial and acted… called that line and the line was always busy… that made people talk about the bad service of the company… Also… that 1 line could not serve more than N number of people per day and the profit from the X sales done from those N people could not compensate for the production cost of the product…

It was simple math…

If you spend $1000 to produce a product in 100 copies, sell it for $10 and sell only 100 copies per month then you cover only the production’s costs and nothing else… You cannot pay even for the people who answer that 1 line of support… So you fire those people… you fire your support and cannot serve people… next step is to drop the product – and forget your dreams too.

That simple logic exists online too.

While you have been told to hypnotize the Mass and create a killer event that will rake in profits… you need to BE READY to deal with the Mass when the Mass comes towards you…

Some people may indeed panic you know…

Imagine it… Imagine 1000 people coming towards you.

Are you ready to serve them?

You may have the best intentions online for generating -say – $10,000 per month, but think about it…

You need to generate $333 per day in order to reach that number.

And that number of $333 per day should pay ALL of your expenses and leave a profit too.

Simple math… right?

I shall tell you about the time I started thinking like a Publisher… aka. a Producer.

I was about 32.
I wanted to work until 52 and be able to fulfill all of my dreams.
I took a pen and a paper.
I wrote down everything I wanted to do…
Then I estimated the cost…
And then I divided that cost to those 20 years… (from 32 to 52 – as you can see, I was not that optimistic to say that I could generate an empire in 1 night or in 1 month or even in 5 years…)

I was quite shocked…

My dreams’ cost was more than 1 million dollars..
Divide this by 20 and you have $50,000 per year.
Divide this by 365 and you have $136 per day.
I became double-shocked.

I felt it’s not that easy to generate $136 per day for the next 20 years… especially as a starter online.. I felt that way because I had been wrongly taught that I had to generate that amount of money ALONE…. by myself….

So the real value of outsourcing is not only that it allows you to DO what you CANNOT do….

I think this is what everybody tells you.
They tell you that if you cannot do something then outsource it.

Well… I am telling you that this is not the point…
You outsource things because you want to save time.

That’s the key.

You clone your efforts by outsourcing tasks.

You make the day have 48 instead of 24 hours if you work with 1 freelancer… 72 hours instead of 24 hours if you work with 2 freelancers and 240 hours instead of 24 hours if you work with 9 freelancers.

But in order to be able to do that, you need to learn how to THINK, ACT and BEHAVE as a PRODUCER… as a Publisher… instead of working as a “journalist…” or even as a “copy editor” or even as a “chief copy editor” or even as a Director in that “Newspaper” hierarchy.

Inside the Blue WorkBook delivered by my Turbo Membership, I say to people that first they need to create their network of links, then their network of products, and THEN their network of People.

Can you see the synergy here?

The right network of people will allow you to serve the Mass.

The Mass can send you the 1000s of orders you need in order to generate the fortune you have estimated.

But even then…. you need to learn how to THINK, ACT and BEHAVE as a PRODUCER… as a Publisher… instead of working as a “journalist…” or even as a “copy editor” or even as a “chief copy editor” or even as a Director.

And the more you leverage your efforts AS A PUBLISHER, the more money you’ll make.

I am not sure if you have ever checked my Delaverian Code. If you check it, you will see that the people that embark upon that journey, and moreover, those that Crack my Code, RAVE about it.

Do you want me to tell you why that happens?

Because they realize the same thing I am trying to convey to you here… today.

They come closer to the absolute TRUTH that makes the difference online…

And the truth is:

You can reach your dreams ONLY IF you FORTIFY yourself, your being… with the ability to produce EXTREME results… by exceeding or cloning? yourself.

As you can see, reaching your Big Island, that is, generating -say- $10,000 per month or more, IS NOT a matter of sales…

It is a matter of how well you are prepared!

Because even if you create the best product that can send you $136 per day for the next 20 years, you need to be able to SERVE your dream, aka. serve your people… aka. Serve the Mass… and again: repeat your Success… clone the results and rake in profits….

Serving 1000s of customers in turn requires from you to build the corresponding strong CHARACTER.

The character that will NOT bend under the pressure when the hordes of customers, subscribers, and affiliates come toward you…

PLUS… you will need to ESTABLISH the correct INFRASTRUCTURE that CAN indeed SERVE your dreams, aka. SERVE your 1000s of customers.

This is the role the Producers/Publishers play in that newspaper’s hierarchy.

Let’s go back to my hypothesis.

I told you that:

“Any online publication needs the structure of the newspaper in order for it to be offered to the public and for it to remain available while also making profits.”

The key points in that hypothesis are:

– “structure”
– “public” aka. Mass
– “remain available”
– “profits”

Does the above make better sense now?

A bit… right?

OK.. let’s go deeper then…


To be continued….



John Delavera

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