Building Block #3

Once you’ve gotten into the rhythm of blogging at Google, there several paths you can take towards your goal of building a money system.    Some people call that “monetizing” your blog or website.

If you’re not ready to branch out on your own with your own domain and hosting, you can move in that direction by signing up for Adsense thru your Google account.   That will engage Google to place related or non-related ads on your site for which you get paid when someone clicks on an ad while visiting your site.

Or if you need some no-cost hand holding, trying Wealthy Affiliates as a money system builder.

To this point, there’s no cost to you, other than your invested time.

Website fundamentals and the building of your money system(s) continue to be :

  • original quality content,
  • that is of interest to a niche market,
  • and that is optimized for search engines and visibility

The monetization can logically follow.

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