Building Block #2

This is as simple as it gets, and what may appeal to you even more, has no out of pocket cost.

Blogging thru

Like anything else, you will need to “get into it”, learn how it works, and how to do better.   But in one big step for mankind and yourself, you’ll be published and more importantly visible, with an opportunity for ads being put on your blog website.

Blogging will provide invaluable experience as you try different things and formats, with no worry about cost consequences or making a mistake.   You don’t have to get it totally right or perfect the first time.

(Don’t forget to bookmark or add this website to your favorites !   You’ll want to come back here for more good advice.)

Ready to go ?

Go to and click on “Sign In”.    Once you do that, you will be prompted to create a Google account if you don’t have one.

Log into your new account, and click on “My Account”.   Listed under “My services” is “Blogger”, which is what you want to click on.

Right there in the middle of the next screen you should see “Create Your Own Blog Now”.   Click on that and you’re on your way.

Help and tutorial resources are at which you can access directly, but it’s probably less confusing if you log into your account first (Google bought

(If this is the first time you’ve opened a Google account, you’ll notice a whole new world will open up for you.   A free email account and other services.    Click “More >>” under “Try something new” on your “My Account” home page, and you will see what I’m talking about ! ! )

Your focus should be on blogging for now. <grin> Don’t get ahead of yourself, but do read “Adsense” under “Try something new”.   It will give you a sense of what you’re trying to achieve in the long run with a quality blog that attracts readers and advertising.

One last point before closing out this building block :  re-read building block #1 about your main goal of having your own product.    In developing your Google blog, focus on your own theme and content quality.    That has to come first and will serve you in the long run as you attract readers and advertising to your site.

Patience.  Discipline.   Hard work.   Success.

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