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Creative Content Blogging (ccblog)

The CCBLOG program just came across my radar.   Having introduced my readers to Google’s in a previous post, I was intending to go to the next level and building block, introducing them to WordPress. 

Briefly, WordPress retains all the elements of, but it opens up a new level of your involvement and commitment.   Like Google’s, WordPress is still free, with a terrific user and tutorial base.   But it opens up the realm of control and how much value you put into your blogs.  In other words, is hosted on someone else’s site (as are Yahoo, MyFace, YouTube and other personal sites), and you are always at their whim if they want to change something that you don’t.   

 WordPress offers you both worlds.   You can create and maintain a WordPress Blog on their site and server.   Or you can use their free blog software on your own site and server, not subject to their controls.   Actually, you can host your blog on your own too, but I think you’ll find WordPress is the easier of the two to maintain on your own.

The long and short of this is that “going on your own” opens up a cost element for the first time.   You’ll need to get hosting package from a company that provides those services, IOW rent server space to put your blog onto (to be covered in another post here).   Until now, Google and WordPress have provided that space, but at the hidden cost of their controlling your website and your being subject to their rules and guidelines.

“Going on your own” is a logical next step, because ultimately you don’t want to worry about whether someone else approves of what you say or how you present it, or limits your creativity. 

Anyway, WordPress has a learning curve like anything else.   If you don’t have the time just yet to invest in learning or WordPress, or the money to put into your own website host, you can establish a free WordPress blog thru the folks at Creative Content Blogging.     You will be limited to only one free blog, but it offers a great opportunity to jump in and see how you like it, then either grow thru them, or go out on your own.

Summarizing :  

In an earlier post we originally went with Google’s  :

  • Pros:   no cost, shorter learning curve              
  • Cons:  least creative flexibility

In this post we touched on WordPress :

  • Pros:   no cost, more long range commitment, more flexibility    
  • Cons:   much longer learning curve (but worth it)

In this post we found CCBLOG, a stepping stone to WordPress, which is probably where you want to set you sights for, offering you the most growth potential for multiple blogs and your eventual goal of  money making websites.  

You can get your free CCBLOG at

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