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Free Website Traffic : no such thing if you want to make money

It *is* possible to generate free visitors to your website, but it will cost you time.


Traffic will always cost at least one of two things:    TIME or   MONEY.


First, you can spend time

Writing & submitting Articles

Running a Blog

Participating in Forums

Being active on Social Media

But if you only depend on driving traffic via your own efforts  … your income will be strictly limited by the amount of time you can work.

And that’s a recipe for too much work  …   and not enough income!

Next, you can spend money:

Buying PPC Ads on Google, Yahoo, or MSN

Purchasing Ezine Ads

Doing Media Buys

Paying for Search Engine Optimization

That allows you to reduce the burden on your time  … but you still need a bunch of cash!

Marketing Conceptualized and Simplified

Hi people,Today, I have been categorizing my thoughts.

I was trying to isolate the CORE PRINCIPLES of the marketing I have been using so to be able to pass only the meat to you. As I told you earlier on, my purpose had been to offer you my “method”; while I am not sure if I will complete that work, I want to try it anyway, since it can mean A LOT to you … it will allow you to see the Marketing World through different eyes.
Anyway … no promises here 🙂 so let’s focus on some core elements I used throughout my journey online…
Today, I want to tell you about something that CAN make you VIEW the marketing world in a different perspective …

How To Keep Your Internet Marketing Out Of Spam Filters

Run your proposed emailing thru this site.

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