Does This Sound Familiar ? Perhaps An Image Of Yourself ?

The biggest mistake I see people making in Internet marketing is jumping from one opportunity to another, without ever completing a project and making it profitable.

Instead of sticking with one proven system until they make it work, most people jump ship at the first sign of trouble, or when something bigger, faster and easier comes along.

Here’s the thing:

There are a lot of ways to make money online.   Believe it or not . . . most of them actually work !

But you’ll never make a 6-figure income online if you’re constantly jumping from one thing to another.


                                    * * * * * * * *

Imagine you’re wanting to go to the store ten miles away.

You start walking, and after a few miles your feet get sore.
You decide it would be easier to ride your bike, so you head
back home to get your bike.

You start riding, and after a few miles you get a puncture.
You’ve never repaired a tire before, so you walk your bike
back home and decide you’ll just drive.

You start driving, and after a few miles you see you’re
getting low on gas. You’re not sure where the next gas station
is, so you decide you better play it safe and head back home.

Now it’s getting dark, and the shops will be closing soon
anyway, so you decide you’ll just go tomorrow… it’s supposed
to be a nice day so you think you’ll walk there.

                                    * * * * * * * *

The funny thing is, this is how most people approach making money online.

If you’ve been around internet marketing for more than a few weeks you’re getting bombarded with opportunities and offers every single day.

Each one claiming to have THE secret… to be THE thing you really need… to be faster and easier than what you’re doing now.

Well guess what?

The people sending you these offers have no idea about you or your business! 

Of course, they make every single one sound like it’s a MUST HAVE, that your
business cannot survive without it. 
 If you’re constantly being pitched every product that comes down the pipeline . . . if you’re not getting any value . . .  if you’ve bought system after system and not gotten the results promised . . .


. . .  it’s time to start focusing on growing your business, rather than growing someone else’s.


The above is an excerpt from Kyle Tully’s “The Lost Blueprint”.   If the message feels like a “fit” to where you are and what you’ve experienced, you would do well to read the rest of it, as well as use it to kickstart yourself.  

Kyle tells it like it is, and what I like most, keeps it simple.   A down to earth basic blueprint to your internet marketing success !

Click here to read more about The Lost Blueprint at Kyle’s website .    Don’t put it off like the person heading to the store we talked about earlier.    It’s sunny somewhere !




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